Vaccine Storage and Handling Refrigerators- 360 Medical


Medical Grade Fridges

Our medical refrigerators are designed specifically to meet the demanding temperature requirements for safe vaccine storage. With temperature ranges of 2 to 8 Celsius , these medical refrigerators will securely store influenza, rotavirus , typhoid, yellow fever, VAR (Varivax), ZOS (Zostavax), and MMRV (ProQuad).

Our vaccine storage refrigerators, in conjunction with our traceable thermometers, will provide you with the solution you need to meet Health Canada, CDC, VFC (Vaccines for Children) and local health authority vaccine storage requirements. We also offers multiple temperature monitoring options which include data loggers, 7 day chart recorders and wireless remote alarm systems. Whether you are a small doctor's office or large clinic, 360 Medical has the complete solution you need to become compliant for your vaccine storage.

These units can be utilized as pharmacy refrigerators, vaccine refrigerators, laboratory refrigerators and general medical refrigerators.